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So I recently fell in love with a band called the Lumineers and I think that with as much as their song "Stubborn Love" is stuck in my head lately that I'm going to borrow some of their lyrics as inspiration for a story....

"It's better to feel pain, than nothing at all
The opposite of love's indifference"

I just can't decide what or who it will involve, I've been reading General Hospital fiction lately and to me it kinda fits Jason and Liz but at the same time I'm in a Grey's Anatomy mood so it could fit Mark and Lexie or hell as much as I loved the very very brief time they shared the screen it could be a Graham and Emma story from Once Upon a Time. Oh well we'll see.

Walking to a Decision

Ignore the typo’s for now I’m slowly getting them fixed and switching the Gaelic words switched back to English

Watching the wind lift the red gold leaves from their perchesCollapse )

A Bed Time Story

This story is going to be undergoing major re-writes at some point in the future, feel free to let me know what you like and what you don’t like about this version. It's a story I wrote years ago in a creative writing class. 

The night sky was lit briefly as a jagged bolt of lightening flashedCollapse )

Untitled Original Fic #3

Another original unfinished tidbit. 
(I’m not sure if I even like this as it was an assignment for a writing class but we’ll see)

Mist blanketed the snow dusted landscape while the full moon played peek-a-boo with the heavy clouds above. Collapse )

Untitled Original Fic #2

Another untitled original piece that I can't decide where to go with

With age comes knowledge and wisdomCollapse )

Untitled Original Fic #1

Something I started flying to St. Louis to visit my mom but can't see to get any farther

They say that time is a healer of all thingsCollapse )

An original piece that I started one day after watching my dog. Not sure when I'll manage to get back to it. 

The hopeful run to the gates of their kennelCollapse )

Choices and Memories

Original piece that was started but never finished. 

**I can't really remember what brought about the piece of story below. Even now I will take it and tweak it but I have flow issues with the later bits or I get easily distracted by work. **


There are days that cause me to look back at my life and wonder at the choices I've made. Collapse )

Defining Moments 1/1

Originally I thought this would be the only Grey's Fic I would ever write because I always hoped that there would be a happy ending 
      for Mark and Lexie, needless to say that didn't happen and chances are high that I'll write a few more Grey's fic just because I 
      have this thing for happy endings. 

Disclaimer – I own absolutely zero rights to the story or characters of Grey’s Anatomy and am making no money off of what I’ve written.

In everyone's life there are defining moments.Collapse )

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